Home Opener for the Lake Erie Crushers

This is Opening Day for the Lake Erie Crushers as they take on the Windy City ThunderBolts at 7:05 pm!

Let’s take a peek inside the Stadium before everyone gets there. (Click on photos for a larger view.)

The field from the 3rd Base side of the park.

This is the view from one of the loges behind home plate. As you can see, there’s really not a bad seat in the park.

Here’s the complex as viewed from straight-away center field.

The park has 4-top seating called “Terrace Tables.” For $60, you get a table for 4 (tickets included), and a server to wait on you and your friends, so you can concentrate on the conversation and the game, without worrying about when the concession lines are short.

Let’s run into the Gift Shop real quick, known at All-Pro as the “Fan-Attic.”

They have assorted Crushers ballcaps with logos like these:


 Souvenir bats,



in a variety of colors.

There’s LOTS of T-shirts,

mugs for those coffee-drinkin’ fans,

shot glasses,

and the ALWAYS popular foam finger.

A unique spin on the foam finger is the


foam bear claw, in honor of Stomper the mascot. All these and more in the Fan-Attic! So get ready, because it’s almost time for the ump to yell “Play Ball!” tonight at All-Pro Freight Stadium.


5 thoughts on “Home Opener for the Lake Erie Crushers

  1. I notice when Avon builds a stadium they include parking lots, something that our city deems unimportant.

    One of these days the someone is going to get hurt in Lorain going to a baseball game at the Pipeyard, and the city is going to get sued, and the city is going to lose because they didn’t follow their own zoning laws…

  2. Thanks, Momma!

    A little bit of passion goes a long way. I love baseball, and that park is a thing of beauty. I’ll take the kids sometime soon, but for the time being, they’re both playing “F” League for LYB for the Campana Development team. And of all things baseball, seeing my kids on the field beats the snot out of the Tribe or Crushers any day of the week!

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