Lorain Youth Baseball Remembers Zachary Gott

Zachary Gott was a student at St. Peter’s School, and a member of Boy Scout Troop #139. He had a great sense of humor, and was an outstanding bowler. He played piano, and he played baseball for Angelo’s Pizza under coach Richard “Boz” Boesger. “He really worked hard at the game, and he gave 110%. He was a bright kid, you’d tell him what you wanted him to do once, and he was on it.”

Zachary was killed September 14th of last year, when a tree branch fell on him when a storm blew in suddenly. He is survived by his parents Thomas and Audry Gott, and his sister Julia. And judging by the crowd that attended the Opening Ceremonies for the 2009 Lorain Youth Baseball Season on Saturday, his memory is survived by countless friends.

The ceremony began with the raising of the flag by the Cub Scouts from St. Anthony’s during the singing of the National Anthem, and the presentation of a plaque to Thomas and Audry Gott, a copy of which will be on display at Campana Park, by the garden that the Cub Scouts from St. Anthony’s and LYB staff planted, with help from Zachary’s Troop #139.


Members of Troop #139

After the plaque presentation, Mr. Gott was accompanied to the pitcher’s mound at Field 1, where he threw out the First Pitch, thus opening the season for LYB’s Major and “F” League teams.

Coaches J.J. Koziura and Richard Boesger of 2008’s Angelo’s Pizza team, along with Zachary’s teammates, sign the baseball for Thomas Gott.

Coach Karl Mills and Thomas Gott

Also, as a tribute to Zachary, all of the Major and “F” League players will sport the above logo on their game shirts.

The sentiments of everyone there were summed up by Zachary’s friend, Luke Krasienko. Wiping misty eyes, he said quietly, “I really miss him a lot.”



12 thoughts on “Lorain Youth Baseball Remembers Zachary Gott

  1. Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing this with us! Once again, you are able to put life in perspective with your photo blog. The family’s strength is inspirational.

  2. Thank you to everyone who helped with the very touching memorial to Zach this past Saturday. How caring our community has been over the past months. We know that the start of baseball season would have been a happy day for Zach.

  3. It was wonderful that Zach was remembered in a special way especially when he enjoyed baseball so much and so did his dad! Very touching!
    We miss you Zach!!!

  4. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for all of the time and effort that everyone devoted to the preparation of the memorial garden and the opening ceremony in honor of Zach. It was very touching to both of us and what a wonderful tribute to our son, Zach. We are very moved at how many lives Zach has touched and how his legacy continues to live on within us and within the community. Thank you again for the support.

  5. Zack was an awesome friend and I remembered having him on my rookie-7 team a few years ago and all-star team last year. I really miss him

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