It’s Time To ZooToo!!!

The final stage of voting is now open. Please click on the page above (or here ->), “Friendship Animal Protective League,” register, and start voting to help them win a $1,000,000 makeover. Look at all the things they do:

1. Friendship APL does not euthanize pets for time up or to make space for other pets. We schedule incoming pets to make certain that we have room to house and care for the pets.

2. We screen and continually monitor pets for health and behavior problems.

3. All pets receive one or more vaccinations, deworming, lab tests as required and a veterinary examination.

4. We spay or neuter all pets prior to adoption. (People are sometimes surprised to learn that a cute little kitten or puppy is already spayed or neutered. Veterinarians have safely spayed pets as early as 6 weeks for more than 20 years.)

5. Pets ready for adoption are kept separate from incoming pets to help protect the pets and people from disease and parasites.

6. We help people select the proper pet for their family and lifestyle. We also counsel people to prevent future problems.

7. We maintain a Lost & Found Log to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

8. Friendship APL humane officers respond to every report of alleged neglect, abuse or cruelty.

The APL needs money for many needed improvements. Please help them out!!!


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