Random Shots Fired on the Henderson Bridge

I’ve driven over the Henderson Bridge more times than I can count. It wasn’t until I started taking pics around town that I really appreciated the design and appearance of the structure.











11 thoughts on “Random Shots Fired on the Henderson Bridge

  1. Excellent! Love the industrial form, angles….You have quite a talent.
    I find it interesting when you focus on just one small section of a very large structure and bring out a different element…
    Are you sure we have the same camera? Mine doesn’t do this.

  2. Momma,
    When Brian gave me the tour down there a few years back, he said they were unload sites for freighters many moons ago. Now, unfortunately, they’re shelters for folks in the winter.

  3. Ok so I might have overdosed on chocolate and chemo fumes but you know those graffitti caves Henery I would love a shot of that in a couple of weeks when the leaves are out ….I can see something worthwhile in that juxtapostion…..Happy Easter those who celebrate Loraine

  4. Next time you take one of the wide angle shots I’ll put on a red striped shirt and we can do a where’s Waldo pic.

  5. Great pictures! Being from the east side, I too have traveled over that bridge many, many times over the years. When I was younger, whenever we would go over the bridge, my dad would tell how he remembered when it was constructed. He said that when the bridge was being built, it started on either side of the river and met in the middle. I always wondered if it was true, or if he was just pulling our legs!

  6. I drove through this bridge so many times and as I drove through it it always stopped time for just a moment. It’s beauty, you have captured really nicely on your pics. It is nice to see that. I since moved out a few years ago but still maybe once a year travel near. Thanks for the pics.

  7. Odot is threatening to tear down this bridge and replace it in 2016. I hope people in Lorain that appreciate this bridge will join me and the other historic bridge advocates to try to stop this. My email is BlueWilliamus@yahoo.com

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