FISI – Could History be History?

Last year, in a conversation with ‘That Woman’ Loraine Ritchey, she mentioned to me that the ‘House on the Hill’ was going to be rehabbed. Since she’s had to look at it for the past 30+ years, and it’s been a painful sight at that, she was thrilled that there was a plan to restore the house. I offered, when next she spoke to the owner, to chronicle the restoration project, as I thought the revitalization of the house would be interesting. 

It wasn’t a long time after that when Loraine told me the task was more extensive than the owner realized, and he was abandoning the project. The question now is: What happens now? Is there someone out there that would be willing to restore a piece of Lorain’s history? Is there help that is available, financial or otherwise, that can be tapped to bring back a link to the City’s past? Or is this piece of history, history?

The inside upstairs shows considerable damage to the ceiling.

The window frames show significant aging and damage from the elements, while the roof looks to be in good condition.

So, where do we go from here?


11 thoughts on “FISI – Could History be History?

  1. Ceiling?

    Look at the wall, or what is left of the wall as the studs and a little plaster at the top of the wall is the only thing left.

  2. Loraine,

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the house ever since you said the owner had thrown in the towel on it. When I saw the upstairs window open/missing/? I knew the time had come.


    I pointed the ceiling out because I noticed that first. I didn’t know what I had ’til I got the pics home and worked with them in Photoshop. I knew I had the inside of the room, but I had to brighten it to bring out the detail from the shadows. That said, the ceiling seemed more of a ‘threat’ in my eyes, because it meant that there must’ve been some leakage from the roof at some point in time. And fixing a hole in the ceiling seemed more of a task than replacing a section of wall.


    I know that getting it on the Register would take a little doing, but getting it eligible for rehab money would take more work, if it was at all possible.

    How are Properties Evaluated?

    To be considered eligible, a property must meet the National Register Criteria for Evaluation. This involves examining the property’s age, integrity, and significance.

    Age and Integrity. Is the property old enough to be considered historic (generally at least 50 years old) and does it still look much the way it did in the past?
    Significance. Is the property associated with events, activities, or developments that were important in the past? With the lives of people who were important in the past? With significant architectural history, landscape history, or engineering achievements? Does it have the potential to yield information through archeological investigation about our past?

    For more info:

  3. Momma this house is over a century home BUT it has been bastardized through the years if you look at the foundation you can see where the curves in the front probably supported a bay font which now has that ugley window and they sided over the upstairs windows at the very top when they were “made “to out on the new roof a few years ago …. I believe the guy that owns it states his Great grandfather built it ..all we have ever heard is that it was built for a new bride as a wedding present from her father and that as it sat on the rise above the stream that flowed across and down 4th and Hamilton the house was known as the Bluffs…. but there isn’t much of achance it could be on the a register….

    and so it sits…… when the chap who wanted to purchase it was clearing out junk etc….. he told me he had trapped rats as big as cats……eeeeeeeYUK!!!!!

  4. Yeah I am getting a lot of those messages too it is spam heck I even got a French real estate company linking to the Old St. Joes article hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm then again maybe with Obama in Strasbourg…..I was in Strasborg…..I wrote about Strasbourg Ya think???????? 🙂

  5. I thought so, too, Brian, but since they took the time to brownnose me, I thought I’d throw it up.

    I can use all the comments I can get.

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