Morton’s Showing Signs of Life?

Hat tip to Buster’s Momma (Again!! What would I do without her??) for the FYI on this one. Back in October ’07, I did an article on Morton’s BBQ Hut on Elyria Avenue, because it was falling apart, overgrown, and a car cemetery for old out-of-service City vehicles. It was so bad, even the camera wouldn’t focus:


So, I get an email from Momma, and she tells me there have been signs of activity there. And I ought to check it out. So….


Right off the bat, I notice the front awning is gone, the lot is mowed, the two large dumpsters are a gimme, and the doors were open, and there was serious activity in the front:


Word on the street was that Morton’s had some kick-ass BBQ ribs back in the day, and was a VERY popular spot. The property has not changed hands, according to the Auditor’s site. I will keep everyone apprised as things progress.

And make sure you’re here Monday, as I post a little bit of FISI magic!!


9 thoughts on “Morton’s Showing Signs of Life?

  1. While there is some improvement there, I noticed the red van with flat tires hasn’t moved. How can the city participate in just cleaning up a part of the problem? The adage that “it is better than before” may be true, but is the location still contribute to blight?

  2. Great catch to actually see someone working over there! Did you talk to any of them? Do you know if they are planning to reopen the restaurant? What’s going on?? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

  3. Thought about stopping, but was in a hurry that day, and didn’t want to be pegged as the guy that ‘shamed’ it in the past. Got my ‘break’ coming up soon, will go by and see what I can find out.

  4. Alittle off subject but wanted to give KUDOS to Inspector Kieth Waters of the Lorain Building Dept. He inspected one of my rentals and was very courteous and professional. He is an asset to an undermanned department!

  5. Smoke detectors,CO detector,electrical,building soundness?,HVAC,paint you name it!
    Outside they check paint condition,railings,foundation and such,cars on lawn,cleanliness that sorta stuff.

  6. Thank you for responding because it was reported that while the ordinance stated that inside and outside inspections had to be done, the building department at one time was only doing outside inspections.

  7. Found the old city cars that used to be parked in front of Morton’s. They have now been dumped in an over grown lot on E 39th between Denver and Toledo. Kinda fits right in over there!

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