East Side Improvements

Brian Hazelett and I were doing a point-and-shoot back in September 2007. He would point out a really bad property, and I’d shoot it. Brian was well acquainted with what was falling down or barely standing up. One of the stops we made was just over the Bascule Bridge.

Remember Paul’s Auto Body?

It had been closed and overgrown for quite some time.

Got another hot tip from Buster’s Momma. She’s so SWEET to me!!

No more Paul’s!!

Do you remember the building to the right? With the blue windows?

This one?

Things are getting better in this City one step and one building at a time!!



11 thoughts on “East Side Improvements

  1. Hey,
    Great job Henrey!
    The first building was actually owned by the city and the second that had the hole in the roof, while I was driving by it today, it appeared that another section just under the chimney appeared to be collapsing.

    The second building should have been completely razed because there is no way that property will ever be safe having that huge hole in the roof for so long.

    Take a drive down E Street and try to get a picture of the yellow building on the corner of Colorado and “E”. I’ll bet ya another slice of that evasive pizza that there is a pool in the basement…

  2. The properties along Colorado Avenue are part of a development agreement that the city has with Spitzer and Harborwalk.

  3. What exactly does that mean, Brian? Is the city giving that property to Spitzer? Is the city going to develop it to enhance/blend in with Spitzerville? I can’t see that lot being of much value to anybody until the properties south of there [namely the blue windowed paint-it-and-we’ll-let-it-stand even though Brian is right about another hole in the roof building and Mangine’s] are also demolished.

  4. There is some sort of agreement between the city and the developer. Remember when the city was going after the owner of the drive thru because it wasn’t “consistant”. I heard about some of the details at one time but I just can’t seem to remember exactly what they are.

    As far as the building with its “new old hole”, had the structural repairs been inspected from the inside like they should have been, then this whole building could have been determined unsafe and taken down. How can you inspect what is inside a box when you never look past the wrapping paper.

  5. Brian, I made a special trip by that little yellow building over the weekend just to see what you were talking about. That building is in some seriously bad shape all around. Please tell me the city owns that one, too, and it’s headed for the same fate as Paul’s.

  6. I wish I could tell you its fate, but seeing how the basement must be full of water and summer is coming, this building is definitely a nusiense.

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