Critters II

I was going through my folders of pics this morning, and found some that I’d forgot about. They happen to be ‘bonus’ shots, pics that I got while doing shooting something else. They get filed in a separate folder, with the intent to return and do something with them, and they just happen to pile up. So, I stumbled on the folder this morning and finally did something with them.


6 thoughts on “Critters II

  1. Did you know the State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a section just for you Henrey.

    Gives new meaning to having your cake (taking your pictures) and eating it too. ( and eating it too)

    Came across this site, as I knew it was common place in Asian countries.

    Before anyone decides to beat me up on this posting, read this.

    Just trying to enlighten some folks on how little most of us know.

  2. All I have to say is that this gives a whole new meaning to ‘you are what you eat’ when one admits that they eat “…only ddong-gae (literally, “shit dogs”) — semiferal mutts that are not fed by caring owners, but survive on garbage and feces.”

  3. And the French eat horses—- disgraceful—- another reason they aren’t my favourite people …… there was one place ( not here in Lorain but in London ( and this is true not an urban legend as my mum took the call from the health inspectors where the chicken was literally cat…. and it was an upscale place as well……. you better know what you are eating ….

    Of course I am not overly fond of those people who can kill the critters in the last picture..and talk about tie a yellow ribbon 🙂

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