Metroparks Winter Days Festival – Day Two

What a difference a day makes!

Sunday dawned with a few more inches of snow, and the mercury a little higher on the thermometer. And that made it more comfortable for folks to attend the 2nd day of the Lorain County MetroParks Winter Days Festival at Mill Hollow. A good-sized line for horse-drawn sleigh rides, people watching the ice carving, folks petting the huskies before a sled demonstration, and getting warm by the fire inside with hot chocolate, coffee and cookies.

“Timber”, the husky, was looking for some lovin’ from this little lady, whose cheeks are pinker than her coat.

This lady and her grandkids were second in line for sleigh rides today.

And everyone wanted a chance to pet the horses in between rides.

Fortunately, there were 2 ice carvers today, and this swan was the result of the first demonstration.

The carver is just getting underway with the next sculpture.

Here, some detail is added to the fish,

and the finishing touch applied here.

A run with the huskies,

and then a breather for the dogs after a job well done.

Across the bridge at Bacon Woods,

there was lots of fun goin’ on!!

Miles of smiles,

a little nervousness,

and more than a few blood-curdling screams!!

After all was said and done, it was a great day at Mill Hollow. With everyone really involved with the many activities, I didn’t hear a soul complain about the cold. 

So, if you missed it this year, make it a point to attend next year. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s some video of the carving of the Ice Swan:



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