Metroparks Winter Days Festival – Day One

I got to Mill Hollow early enough because I wanted some video of the ice carvers doing their thing, right from the start. So, when I walked up, the first things I saw were the blocks of ice. Perfect!


While the crew was setting up stands, and stoking the fire inside, I looked around.

The huskies seemed pretty comfortable considering the single-digit temperature.

I went inside the building, to check out the activities inside while things were being set up outside. I overheard from the park staff that the 11 ice carvers from the high school called and canceled this morning! Lindsay Miller, Program Naturalist for the Vermilion Reservation said she’d left a message for the professional carver, to see if he could come today, as well as tomorrow (Sunday), but she wasn’t sure.

So, since I was all dressed up with nowhere else to go, I roamed around Mill Hollow and the Bacon Woods area for the next 90 minutes.

One of the things that fascinates me about Mill Hollow in the winter is that the water that trickles down the cliff walls in the summer, freezes in the winter, making for a gorgeous sight.

Just incredible.

On a smaller scale, if you look close, Mother Nature does some fine detail work, too.

I’ll be back there tomorrow to catch the pro at the ice carving. Here’s a video I shot of the easternmost cliff and the ice that’s formed on it. Pretty peaceful.




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