The Ballpark in Avon

The City of Avon is developing a 122-acre complex just off of Rt. 2, at Rt. 611. The complex will feature a ballpark, YMCA, soccer fields and indoor hockey. The ballpark is well underway and the crews recently broke ground on the Y. Mayor Jim Smith says that when they get to 2 million people per year coming to the site, he estimates about 500,000 will be staying over night.

“In the summertime, when people come for a baseball tournament or something else, they’ll go to Lorain, they’ll get themselves a charter to go fishing, they’ll go to the restaurants along the Lake, they’ll go to Elyria, Lorain. The ‘Y’, we opened up for everybody. We hope that the Lorain swimteam uses it, the Lorain kids use it. When there’s people that can’t afford it, we’ll have scholarships for the kids to go to the ‘Y’.

Detail of Brick/Motif

We’ll have 28 million (in this complex). The Ballfield is $12 (million) with architecture and everything else. The road, sewer, water and everything else is $8 (million). We have $8 million of our own (invested) in the ‘Y’, and the ‘Y’ is going to have $5 (million). It’s a huge, huge undertaking.”

View to the right - inside

View to the right, just inside The Ballpark

Area where loges will be located

Loge Seats

Location for seats for the loges

View of seating on 3rd base side

The Ballpark will have individual seats, instead of benches. On the patio, just above the seating area, there will be tables that will seat four. These tables will be full-service: foodservers will take orders for hot dogs, beer, etc., so the fans won’t have to wait in line at concession stands.

View of right side seating and dugout (left)

Wider view of right side of park

The Beer Garden will be located on the 3rd base side of the park

View of the inside of the park

The mound in the back, on the left (behind the yellow shed), will be a lawn area that will seat 1,500.

June 2 will be Opening Day. Anyone else want to go?

For more information on the Lake Erie Crushers, click here.


6 thoughts on “The Ballpark in Avon

  1. And the stadium that was built in Lorain is supposed to compete against that? In Lorain they took the basketball courts for the kids out of that park so that they could fence in the concrete and the bathroom so that they could no longer be used by the “public” public.

    This is what happens when there is buy in by the public, and in Lorain, this is what happens when you do whatever the hell you want without getting buy in.

    When are the people that we elect going to start being responsive to the public? When are they going to stop cramming everything down our thoughts and sell us a project or even an idea that we can get behind?

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