FISI – Keeps on Making Progress

I got an email from Buster’s Momma a little while ago, informing me that a house I’d had in an FISI article had been razed. It took some diggin’ to find where and when I’d featured it, but I knew just which house she referred to.

Located across the street from the former Morton’s BBQ Hut, it now looks like this:

Since I was right there, I couldn’t help but notice the lot at the BBQ Hut. The former city vehicles are gone:


And a large dumpster has been added:

Does this mean the inside is being gutted? The property being prepped for razing?

I don’t know, but this has definitely moved up on the radar, and I’ll keep everyone posted.


8 thoughts on “FISI – Keeps on Making Progress

  1. Thanks, as always, for the link, Mark!
    I’ll bet the people next door to that house didn’t know what to do with all the new sunshine!
    I haven’t been by Morton’s at night lately to see if the upstairs lights are still on. I would hope that if there really was someone living there, they aren’t anymore.
    Is Morton’s on the Mayor’s hit list?

  2. It might be interesting if there was a list that was available so that someone could do like a before and after thing with the homes that are going to be demoed with the foreclosure money thingy from the Federal Government. It may be interesting to see how far the 3.1 million dollars really go.

    The time line to encumber the monies is very short, so I would think that the list of “projects” has already been made.

  3. I had emailed the Mayor a while back about sneaking me a peek at the list but it never happened. I do know that between Brian and Momma and myself, the houses we’ve found vs the houses and buildings being demo’ed translates into a very high success/hit rate.

    And the building inspector is gonna be pissed about what I’m doing?!?!?!

    And in response to Momma’s question, Yes, Morton’s is on the hit list.

  4. Henery remember the 34 year “century and more” vacant house on 4th and Hamilton.I was so excited a young man was purchasing it and rehabbing….. .well the deal fell through and the house is open to the elements we have your pictures of a couple of years ago if you are driving around my way take a couple of shots please …..this is so sad as according to the owner his great (great) grandfather built the house known as the “Bluffs” …… Loraine

  5. Henrey and Loraine,
    The 6th of this month I will find out what my punishment for my mortgage company screwing up. As far as I am concerned, if the building department is going to punish me, then the building department can join me as their building on the corner of 18th and Hamilton is missing a good potion of siding and the trailers have TREES growing up through them.

  6. Hey 18th and hamilton that was where my husband “did his time” 🙂 standing over an open drain 5 days a weeks and talk about mould……. hmmmmmmmmm and we won’t go into the other aspects of that building…. suffice to say I am glad he no longer has to go through the doors. Loraine

  7. I see NO DIFFERENCE between the building departments building and my home except that the building departments building has been missing siding a lot longer than my home.

  8. Henrey,
    I drove by this location today and noticed that one eyesore has been removed, see what is still right behind it? As I commented on another article today, has all of the blight been removed?

    If ya get a chance, take a closer look at what everyone sees now that the house is gone…

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