FISI – Trying to be Famed?

Way back when in May of this year, I addressed a letter to Mayor Krasienko concerning some properties that I thought needed to come down. One of those, has recently been brought to my attention.

Located at the corner of W. 19th and Ashland, this house

is currently undergoing a transformation. The house was recently forfeited to the State of Ohio. Yet, word on the street is that there has been a permit pulled to rehab the house. It’s almost $8500 behind on the taxes, yet the State has possession, and someone’s putting money into it. Odd?


So, let’s see what it looks like now:

At least it’s been secured now.

So far, new doors and new windows are the only improvements visible, besides the siding having been stripped. More to come…..


3 thoughts on “FISI – Trying to be Famed?

  1. I can count four windows that appear to have been made WIDER. This typically indicates a structural modification to the dwelling which would necessitate the need for a framing inspection.

    This type of modification is not typically allowed by a homeowner, and would require a contractors license and a permit that specifies that structural modifications are being made. The building department can only inspect what it is being told is happening to the structure.

    Also, when bedroom windows are made smaller, there are codes in place for the safety of the inhabitants so IF there is a fire, a fireman with an oxygen tank can enter the dwelling through the window.

    Seeing that there are TWO ELECTRIC METERS, this would indicate that this home is a duplex, therefore possibly requiring inspections of means of egress.

  2. I thought I would come back and take a closer look at the pictures.

    In the picture of the front that shows the porch, notice it is “up in the air” with a bow in the middle. Again, another structural modification that will never be inspected unless it was disclosed on the permit.

    I count FIVE boarded over windows. I sure hope that none of these rooms are considered bedrooms.

    I see it has one of those pink building permits hanging in the front window. I wonder what the valuation that was claimed for the project?

    Starting bid, $3,500 claimed?

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