Holiday Lights at Lakeview Park

From the Metroparks site:

The all ready elegant Lakeview Park will be decked out with enough lights and glitz to brighten an entire beachfront for the holiday season. Some new lights as well as the lights of years past will be featured in the spectacular displays. The lights will light up the lakefront December 8 through December 30, from 5-8pm.

Mondays through Wednesdays the Rose Café will be open from 5-8pm with holiday crafts for kids and refreshments will be available for a small fee. Santa Claus will also be on hand these days to share candy canes and wishes for an old fashioned holiday night. If the Rose Café is not open you can always enjoy the lights as you drive through the park. Children and adults alike will be dazzled.

We always strive for bigger and brighter with our lighting displays, and this year is no exception. So join us for Lights on the Lake as we light up Lakeview Park during the holiday season. Admission is free. For more information call 1-800-LCM-PARK or (440) 245-1193. Lakeview Park is located at 1800 West Erie Ave, Lorain, Ohio.


All these and more at Lakeview Park!!


6 thoughts on “Holiday Lights at Lakeview Park

  1. Your photos look great! I stopped up there too, but I was too cold to stay long!

    Hey, here’s a sneak peek at something I put together for (it should go live in the next couple of days):

    It’s designed to be a collaborative effort to make a holiday lights guide for Lorain County by letting everyone add their photos to the map.

    You should add your Lakeview lights photos!

  2. It’s essentially a Google map embedded in a page. I set up the map to be public and “collaborative,” meaning anyone can contribute. You just have to be signed in with a Google ID (or get a free one). And the cool thing is your pictures stay on Flickr, so you still get the Flickr hits when people click through to them.

    I’m going to put an announcement on the homepage tomorrow, but the page is live now. The final location for it is

    Feel free to add photos or tell people, because there are only my photos on it right now, so I’d love if it had more by the time people see it tomorrow!

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