More Shots Fired at BRL

I was coming over the Bascule last week and saw the gulls huddled in this huge group. Got as close as I could without spooking them. I sure didn’t want to get ‘rained’ on!!


One thought on “More Shots Fired at BRL

  1. You gotta feel for the birds, it is so cold today and yesterday we have set the pond up for winter .running the pump still so that water comes through the pipe to keep at least a “hole” in the ice, so the gasses can be released from the pond and not kill the fish ……but the last couple of days for technical problems the pump wasn’t running so the water froze. Once the pump was runing again and the ice opened it seemed every bird in the neighborhood found its way to the garden having a drink and a bath because the water temp I guess is warmer than the air .but ooooooh it has to be cold when they get out bbrrrr …. at the moment I have three squirrels drinking and the hedges are filled with sparrows waiting their turn.Misty is not happy 🙂

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