Light Up Lorain – The Photos

The Crowd

High School Choral Music Students from Lorain Southview &
Lorain Admiral King perform under the direction of Dave Hager

Admiral King Brass Ensemble perform under the direction of Dustin Wiley

Mayor Krasienko gets ready to throw the switch to light the Park, and Gary Fischer stands by

Mayor Tony Krasienko reads ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

The International Queen and a Princess


10 thoughts on “Light Up Lorain – The Photos

  1. Nice job, Mark! I wish we had been able to make it down there. Looks like there was a decent crowd. We could see the fireworks from the House & were impressed by the show! Lots of pretty colors! Do you know where they shoot them from for this event?

  2. I was there what a great time, do you know of any other websites where they may be photos. I know they had said something about that. I would love to steal those choir pics as they are of my niece.

  3. Wasn’t it fun! and next year will be better I am told….we had a couple of years that the little park wasn’t deemed worthy ( condos for cole) for celebrations and lights were actually scaled back etc…….just look at her now!!!!!Thank you Henery for covering this and thank you to Lorain City Council for saving our little public square …… and the fireworks ….I kept thinking Oh this is the grand finale and they would start up again……. Thanks everyone on the committee……… Loraine

  4. Yes, Brian I guess that it was felt it was only for a couple of hours , but with kiddies and prostates πŸ™‚ I will make the suggestion at the follow up meeting and once again the sound system ( which I have personally been nagging about for years….. whilst you can hear the MC the kiddies and choirs get lost into the night air….. and such a shame… Loraine

  5. Thanks all, had a lot of fun, and my kids got to meet their friends up there, so it wasn’t a ‘tag-along with Dad’ event this time.

    Momma, they were shooting them off in the parking lot behind City Hall.

    Beth, Mayor Krasienko said that Lorain Growth would have pics on their website –

    Loraine, that’s why I couldn’t provide video of the choir and the kiddies. Zip for audio.

    One complaint (OK, 2) is if you are in the ‘ring’ sitting watching/listening to the show, there are so many people just jawing away as if there’s nothing going on, you can’t hear the performances. And that’s a shame for the grandparents and those that braved the cold to come to watch family perform.

    The 2nd, is that a lot of folks came early enough to get a seat so that they could watch the performance from straight away from the stage, and some guy let his kids set up chairs right in front of these folks. Kinda inconsiderate.

    Last, I feel bad trying to get in front to get pics to share, because I know I’m blocking someone’s view. I try to stay as low to the ground as I can, but the rush to the stage by parents and family trumped any efforts I was making.

    But it was fun!

  6. In fairness to the “jawers” some didn’t even know the kids were performing ( I know I was yakking when I realized it and that angered me…. my apologies to those around me)
    You see I have literally been nagging about the sound system for 13 years!!!! and this year at the meetings I was insistent that it be addressed… wasn’t and I am not a happy camper believe me ….. I want to hear the kids and the singers… it is such an important part of the event…… ( can you tell “someone” got an email from me today πŸ™‚ I don’t like chewing the cud twice let alone 13 times
    but it was lovely and Henery thank you once again for all you do … .very special !

  7. Glad to do it, Loraine. Especially when I wake up in the morning and see all the folks that were looking for something about last night’s event.

    And you’re right, there were some that didn’t realize the kids were singing, but there were some that still didn’t heed the ‘sshhhh’s’, which is too bad.

  8. You weren’t the only ones that noticed the lack of sound amplifying equipment. The DJ assured the powers that be that there would be ample sound. I am sure this will be addressed for next year!
    Other than that, it was a semi magical night.The girls enjoyed themselves and the fireworks were pretty impressive! What struck me the most though, you put 1,000+ people in that “little” park and there were no problems! Everyone caught the “spirit of Christmas” bug! We even had a stranger come up to us and return our 2y/o mittens that were dropped! It is nice to see that you can still have a good time with good people in Lorain! Merry Christmas

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