RSO Report

Back in February, I organized the list of registered sex offenders in the City of Lorain. Since it’s been almost a year, I felt an update was necessary. I have all 291 RSO’s organized by alphabetic street name and East and West streets. I was thisclose to putting the list here, and thought better of it. So, if anyone is interested, I have the list in Excel spreadsheet form and as a Word document. There are a number that reside at the same address, in the same building, and there are even 2 living together.

I will not make assumptions about how dangerous or not the people on this list are. This is the same list available through the Lorain County Sheriff’s website.

If you are interested, drop me a note at and let me know which format you’d like the list in, Excel or Word. Or both, if necessary.

The data was taken from the website Sunday, November 16th.


6 thoughts on “RSO Report

  1. Henery normally I would link this on my page but somehow the thought of RSO’s and ballerina’s I can’t…. however I would like a copy and I think it should be sent to Nancy Greer so she can put it in all the council peoples mail boxes and to the admin Thanks for doing this ..I wonder the groupings of rso are they in rental properties and who are the owners if they are?

  2. Oh my ! one grouping is 4 houses down from my mum .now I have to find out what they did Oh geesh …..and I was very surprised at the owner and the fact that this was supposedly a single family dwelling.turn your back for a minute ….. Loraine

  3. amazing how many of these grouping are in according to the auditors site single family dwelling and of course we have the “Offenders Hotel:.. what we seem to forget is that for the most part a sexual offence is usually the only “trackable” part of their criminal history ……..

  4. seems like I am answering myself here but I checked with the listed owner of the property who although is still the owner of record he had sold the propety under the land lease way to sell that property so although he is still the owner of record has no control over who this other guy rents to . and it is that individual who has rented it out to the trio of RSO’s ….. Loraine

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