Rally for the Bascule – Letter to TPTB – Sue Morano


Thank you for taking the time to write me on this very important issue. I understand the frustration that goes along with the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge as I am one of the commuters it affects. I also understand that this long closing is taking its toll on the local businesses surrounding the bridge. I have been in close contact over the last two weeks with employees of ODOT and many of our local politicians as well. I was involved in a conference call with the director of ODOT and several other entities that have a hand in on this project.

Several unforeseen problems have come to the surface in the process of completing the bridge project. ODOT told me that the biggest reason for the delay is some parts have had to be ordered to make the bridge function appropriately. Unfortunately, these parts had to be customized for the Charles Berry Bridge only furthering the delay. One out of two parts had been received the day before the conference call (Tuesday), and ODOT will begin installing them shortly. The other part is in route and should arrive within the next two weeks.

I have a meeting with several of the important people working on this issue tomorrow, Friday the 24th. Hopefully, I will have more information on this issue afterward. Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to write about this issue. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting my office.

Have a great day,

Sue Morano

State Senator 13th District


One thought on “Rally for the Bascule – Letter to TPTB – Sue Morano

  1. Well and today there is a press conference at City hall where the public can ask questions…anyone going ??? I would but have to take mum to the Dr. for a follow up re the pnemonia and it will take longer as I have to go around the bridge sigh!!!!

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