Rally for the Bascule – Reply from TPTB

Huge thanks to Brian Stacy, District 3 Public Information Officer for ODOT, for being the first to reply to my letter. He sent it three times, but at least he sent it:

Dear Mr. Teleha,

Thank you for contacting the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) regarding an update on the Charles Berry Memorial Bridge. As you may have read in the news today, some progress has been made and the power supply cabinets for the Bridge’s braking system have now arrived. ODOT’s contractor is now working towards installing these and that process is estimated to take about two weeks. The next component we are awaiting is called a ‘signal conditioner.’

These signal conditioners will help ‘translate’ information between the newly installed bridge drive controllers and the existing bridge consoles. The console is where the bridge operators are able to see the gauges and meters as the bridge is going up and down. When the signal conditioners arrive in about 2-3 weeks, they are expected to be installed relatively quickly. However, the contractor must then begin testing the bridge operations to make sure everything operates properly. When the contractor approves the bridge’s operational status and safety for the traveling public, ODOT will open the bridge.

At this time, we do not have a definitive date for when the bridge will open in November. As soon as we can provide a definitive date, we will announce that information to the public via the news media and on our website.


Brian Stacy
District 3 Public Information Officer
Ohio Department of Transportation
800-276-4188, ext. 207-7182


One thought on “Rally for the Bascule – Reply from TPTB

  1. I received the same letter (verbatim) after also sending an inquiry regarding our bridge. Like you said, at least we got an answer.

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