Rally at (for) the Bascule Bridge

As the videos load, I wanted to share some pics from the Rally at the Bascule this afternoon. Organized by Rev. Brad Donahue, the rally’s intent was to get ODOT’s attention, and slap them to the realization that while the ‘needed part delay’ is just a delay to them, it is a tremendous hardship on the citizens and, especially, the businesses in downtown Lorain, and those on the East side.

Slated to be shutdown over the summer months to ‘avoid having to reroute buses and schoolkids’, the bridge has been stuck in the up-position, with no definitive date for reopening. City leaders and business owners, with a handful of supportive citizens attended, along with a lot of press coverage. The Lorain blog scene was well represented by Loraine RitcheyBuster’s Momma and Brian Hazelett.  

Mike Kennedy of Kennedy’s Billiards, Mary Grasso, and Paulette Sutton all spoke to the news media about the hardships Lorain is enduring due to the lack of communication and explanation from ODOT.

An all too familiar scene

A scene we’re too used to seeing right now.

Signs, signs, everyone’s got signs

Rev. Brad Donahue

Rev. Donahue before the Rally began

Brian Hazelett shaking hands with Mark Ballard (representing Congresswoman Betty Sutton), and Lorain Mayor Tony Krasienko


How true!!

 Dennis Flores

2nd Ward Council Dennis Flores


Anne Molnar and Obie Shelton (Obie’s on the left)

A very concerned crowd


11 thoughts on “Rally at (for) the Bascule Bridge

  1. LOL @ telling us who’s who in the Obie & Anne pic! You’re so bad! 😉
    Great pics as always, HM! I was happy to see you again and it was awesome to finally meet the some of the stars in Lorain’s blogosphere!
    I wish I’d have seen Mark Ballard – I grew up with him and it’s been forever & a day since I saw him last!

  2. Thanks Momma, and thanks to all! It was great seein’ y’all and gettin’ in on this.

    Would love to find a job where I could actually get paid for this. Oh to dream THAT dream!!

  3. Thanks Henrey,
    Now I know what the back of my head looks like!

    And thanks to the donated pizza from D’Tutanelli’s Pizza, from the corner of East Erie and Georgia Avenue, I finally got me some pizza. Don’t try to make like you bought the pizza and this makes us even!

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