Lorain Youth Baseball – Campana Park

Questions have been raised concerning the fundraiser for and the improvements taking place in Lorain Youth Baseball’s Campana Park. I stopped by today to get some pics and hopefully answer some questions.

This is the main entrance into the Park and the walkway along which the laser engraved bricks would be placed. That is the concession stand at the other end of the walkway. If enough bricks are sold, another walkway will be created on the other side of the stand, leading to the minor league fields at the north end of the Park, and more bricks will line this walkway.

According to Melanie Szabo, 1st Ward Council and co-secretary of LYB league, there have been 34 trees planted already. These are located along the minor league fields in the back of the Park.

More new trees planted in the back by the T-ball field.

And more trees along the sides of the F-League fields in the northwestern park of the Park.

Even more work done as piles of mulch have been raked up from the infield on all the baseball diamonds.

Bleachers have been moved to allow for the trees, and hopefully, will remain here to improve the view of the fields.  A considerable amount of work has already been done since the end of the season back in July, and even more to do before games start again next spring.

Man, I can’t wait, and it’s only October!!


5 thoughts on “Lorain Youth Baseball – Campana Park

  1. Looks like some very brave, or possibly foolish folks parking their cars just past the homerun fence.

    How many vehicles got “tagged” this past year?

    Where did I remember a sign that said “Hit this sign, I’ll paint your house”?

  2. LYB is a great asset to the youth of Lorain! There is NOTHING better than taking a break from the riggers of every day life to enjoy an hour or so of kids playing the great game of baseball. I especially enjoyed the games on fathers day. Is there a better gift than watching your child play ball? And for all the bad news that comes from the youth and lack of parenting in this City, LYB is a fine example of Male Role Models interacting w the young men and women of Lorain. I have also noticed more and more young men from Lorain going on to play college baseball. I directly attribute this to LYB

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