Streets Numbers

With the Issue 20 vote just mere weeks away, and people goin’ back and forth about should I/shouldn’t I, ‘they won’t use it for just streets’ (they have to),  and blah-blah-blah-blah-freakin’-blah, I thought I’d show just what kind of expenses and responsibilities the Streets Department has. 




8 thoughts on “Streets Numbers

  1. Let’s see…

    6466 hours of administration for 52 weeks. Total expense of $228,230.00 divided by 6466 hours gives us a cost of $35.69 per hour and 124 hours of administration per week or a little over THREE ADMINISTRATORS for the department.

    I see over 1082 hours was spent at Campana Park. This works out to 2 employees working there for 13.5 weeks working full forty hour weeks. I do not see any other parks listed in the matrix that is posted, so 1082 hours of WHAT happened at Campana Park?

    Henrey my friend, you brought it up and it begs to be asked, what did two guys do at Campana Park for 13.25 weeks?

    Not counting the overtime hours, 43,127 hour were worked, divide that by 52 weeks in the year, gives us 829 hours per week that are inclusive of both administrative and productive hours or 20 and ¾ employees working forty hour weeks, three of which are administrative, or one administrator for every 5.83 employees.

  2. Campana Park is where the Pipeyard is…the minor league baseball park that is the home of the Cleveland State baseball team. I’m sure those two employees were working there to keep the park clean and maintained during the baseball season.

  3. Last summer’s Campana Park expenses included putting up the backstop, cleaning up the parking lot, a couple patch jobs on the lot, installing speed bumps, and the guy who was supposed to install the fences bailed, so they had to put in the rest of the fence, too.

    As far as administrative, there’s four positions, Chuck and Tony, and two clericals that go under that heading.

  4. The twenty seven thousand dollars in labor that was charged against the Campana Park account when there are no other parks listed makes me wonder about the “accounting”.

    While I do not necessarily think that Mr. Camera created the job, and did what he was instructed to do from the administration at the time, if these COSTS were charged back to the Pipeyard, instead of Campana Park, what does that do to the statement from the city about the Pipeyard turning a twelve dollar profit?

  5. All the costs that were associated with the Streets department and getting the Pipe Yard ready for play were accounted for in the construction costs prior to the opening day for CSU. The only work that Streets has done to that park was in the roadways like speed bumps, the roadside drains, even traffic counts.

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