There Are Certain Things You Can Be Late For…..

Sunsets are not on that list.

I had to run Kristen to Marc’s for a hat, because tomorrow is ‘Hat Day’ at school, and she and a friend are planning on wearing matching hats. As we’re coming home, the sun is this huge PERFECT orange circle in a lightly pink sky. We both remarked about it, and she asked if we could make it to Lakeview in time.  I smiled and hit the gas, saying, ‘We’s shore gonna try!!’

Made most of the lights on Oberlin Avenue, got caught at West Erie. Zipped into the park, and into a spot to see the sun halfway past the horizon.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGG!!!

Snapped off a few shots, watched the last of the edge disappear, and said, ‘Well, that was fun while it lasted.’

There was a gentleman sitting on a bench right behind me, and he said, “7:24.”

Excuse me?

“Tomorrow’s sunset will be 7:24. I checked. I just made it up here as the edge of the sun touched the horizon.”

‘Then,’ I said, ‘I will see you up here at 7:24.’

And if anyone else wants to come, I’ll see you there, too.

Just don’t be late.


3 thoughts on “There Are Certain Things You Can Be Late For…..

  1. There are some things you never get tired of watching, how beautiful. It’s says a lot about a young person’s life when they still appreciate the simple things in life, like watching the sunset w/ her Dad.

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