9/11 Remembered

Everyone remembers where they were, what they were doing, when they first heard, saw, became aware of the events on that day. I had come home that morning from working nights, got the kids up for school, got’em breakfast, got Mary up for school, Mary left, I took the kids to their school, and came home and played some games before getting ready to go to bed. It was about 9:30 when I logged off, and at the time, we had dial-up, so there was a voice-mail from Mom. ‘Turn on the TV.’ Wow, that didn’t sound good. So that’s what I did, wondering what channel I’d be looking for.

Didn’t matter. I was stunned. I sat on the edge of the couch, watching the replays over and over. Mary came home, scared. We agreed that maybe we should go get the kids. I zipped out and found I wasn’t the only one picking up children from school. There also wasn’t much traffic. I stayed up ’til 1:30pm that afternoon watching, wondering, afraid for my kids and scared for everyone else. I slept a few hours and went into work that night.

No one spoke. Everyone knew what was going through everyone else’s mind. Someone brought in a B&W TV, and we listened and watched as it became apparent that all the medical personnel on standby weren’t going to be needed. We were all in a daze.

Here we are, seven years later. Memorials took place just a few hours ago in New York, DC and Pennsylvania. Folks calling in on the radio, discussing efforts, pro and con, to turning this day into a national holiday. Others, like MyGoodDeed.org, that would like this day dedicated to charitable service.

As I said the other day, I planned to give blood. Many thanks to Paula and Dina at the Lorain County Blood Bank on Oberlin Avenue for the work that they do. And for the green wrap.

So, I did my part. What did you do?


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