Pitch Patch Paula – Pothole Perspective

It’s been over a month since Pitch Patch Paula got a crash course in packing patch in potholes. July 24th had Paula Tobias, Chuck Camera of the Streets Department and others get a crash course in filling potholes taught by Jack Brake of Total Patcher. Holes were filled using this machine


to fill these potholes.


E. 34th and Elyria Ave

E.34th and Elyria Ave and


E. 27th and Elyria Ave

E.27th and Elyria Ave


Taken on August 20th, here’s the patch site at E. 34th and Elyria Avenue:



E. 34th and Elyria Ave

And taken on August 26th, the patch site at E.27th and Elyria Avenue:

Granted, weather has been pretty conducive for these patches setting up and staying put. It has been pretty warm with very little precipitation. AND, the big “AND”, it hasn’t gone through the freeze/thaw cycle that Lorain goes through in the winter. But, all in all, things look good. I’ll follow up after we’ve had some snow and temperature changes and see how things are.

But, so far, so good!!


4 thoughts on “Pitch Patch Paula – Pothole Perspective

  1. Chuck had mentioned that a pothole had been filled at 21st and Elyria Ave. I’ve been by there 3 times, and though I haven’t wandered back on foot, I’ve looked over that intersection and I didn’t see anything that looked ‘new’. I’ll have to walk it the next time I’m by.

  2. Brian if you go to the site for the company you can see a video of how it is done which may explain what you are seeing. Loraine

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