Paula Rocks On at the Fayreweather Concert

(Paula Tobias will be guest-blogging here for a short time while ‘That Woman’ – Loraine Ritchey takes a much needed R-n-R.) 

I went to an Opera this evening (Saturday).

Okay it was the Fayreweather Concert at the Black River Landing, but I described Paul to Frank as an Operatic Singer. Paul’s theatrical presentations with music, well, it’s beyond description; You have to experience it to appreciate it.

We had a great time. People were dancing in their chairs, the demographics were varied and in a sentence: He was good. He was damn good.

The last time I watched/heard Fayreweather was in the Flats in Cleveland in the early 80’s. Even then I was amazed at Paul’s theatrics. Anyone else remember White Punks on Dope?

We heard Fayreweather songs, a song about the city of Lorain, Genesis, and Jethro Tull.

Did I mention he played the flute and guitar besides singing?

If you weren’t there, you missed a great concert.


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