Seeing the Sights

When asked where they wanted to vacation this year, both of my kids responded, ‘Let’s go back to D.C.’ There’s no rides, no ‘fun’ stuff to do, it’s all educational. ‘D.C.!’ was the cry. So, D.C. it was. I booked a hotel just a few minutes walking from the Washington Monument, that would put us right in the center of everything, smack in the almost-middle of the Mall.

I arranged for us to do some things that we didn’t do or get to see our last visit, 2 years ago. I reserved tickets to go up in the Washington Monument, signed us up for a tour of the Capitol Building through Senator Voinovich’s office, and mapped out directions to Union Station and other places. We walked a LOT. And I took a LOT of pictures. So, as I sort through and pick out the ones that I think turned out the best, I’ll share here. (This time, I was smart enough to take my tripod because D.C. at night is simply stunning.)

WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

 Capitol Building

Jefferson Memorial


If you click the photo, you’ll open a window with a larger view.




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