Saving Downtown: You Can Help!!

COMPANY IS COMING – we have “international visitors” to the International City …. Wine on the Water and the antiques fair this weekend – can you or your children, students , customers, parishoners ,mums and dads help to add some life colour and fragrance to our main street…..lets have “Bright on Broadway.”

The City of Lorain is making a concerted effort to beautify Broadway. Daniel Lopez has been busy the last week weedwacking and maintaining the existing flowerbeds. The City is looking for volunteers to assist in the effort this Friday, August 8th.
The goal is to weed the flower beds, plant flowers and mulching the beds.

The City has a limited number of hand tools and will be providing flowers and mulch. If you are interested in assisting in this effort, please contact the City of Lorain Community Development Department at 204-2020. If you can help, please plan on meeting at 9:30 am at Lorain City Hall, 200 W Erie Avenue, 5th Floor. From there we will coordinate the work. Thank you.

I’m sorry I cannot make it, as I’ll be out of town that day. If anyone happens to be able to help, and I encourage any and everyone that can to please do so, and someone can take any pictures of the projects, I’ll be more than happy to help give credit where it’s due. – hh


One thought on “Saving Downtown: You Can Help!!

  1. Well you know me and pictures OUCH off with their heads time…. and it is short notice BUT hopefully we can make a difference..probably won’t be able to be involved myself due to a schedule conflict.. Loraine

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