FISI – Even More!

As I said, Bill sent me so many, I had to do two installments! So, let’s get at it!

Located at 311 W. 14th Street, this house, owned by Samuel Cardona, has seen better days. Purchased in September of ’04, numerous windows are broken and/or boarded up, as well as the door.

This is one of many houses owned by George Schneider. Bought in January of this year, and located at 325-327 W. 14th St., the only difference outside, between this photo and the auditor’s photo, is the 3 front broken windows. With most of the pictures here, if you click them, you get a larger view. With this particular house, if you click the photo, you’ll see a side view of the property.

217 W. 15th St.  This was forfeited to the State of Ohio on Valentine’s Day of this year. I’ve got a feeling that the City of Lorain is still gonna have to mow it, though. And from the looks of things, we’ll probably have to take it down, too.


 Mary Ellen and David McNeil are the trustees for 1835 Hamilton Avenue. Besides numerous broken windows, if you click the photo, you’ll get a close-up of the porch and supports. Needs a little TLC.

Owned by James and Estella Ross, 221 W. 15th St. had quite a few cars and even more men working on this when I first drove by. According to the auditor’s website, this property is coded as a lodge hall/amusement park. While I don’t see anything fun about this, I will keep tabs on the progress in the hopes that they have big plans for its renovation. Clicking the photo will show you the east side of this former home of the Sons of Italy.


Sorry to be all doom and gloom, I promise to have something lighter in my next post.

As always, if you see something that you feel should be featured here, drop me a note with the address at All information gleaned from the auditor’s website on Aug. 1st, 2008.





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