There Is No Joy In Mudville….

….The Mighty Lucas ran out of innings.

In two very hard fought games, Lucas Plumbing was unable to overcome the defending champion Personal Stitch in two consecutive games. Lucas, going into the playoffs as the 5th seed, defeated the 1st, 2nd, and 4th seeded teams to advance to the championship. Personal Stitch, the #3 seed, lost their very first game to 6th seeded Elks, and proceeded to win their way through the losers’ bracket before facing Lucas in the final series.

Sunday’s game had Lucas jumping out to an early 3-0 lead before Stitch was able to find their bats and some holes to take a slim 4-3 lead which cinched the game.

Tuesday’s game was a must-win for Lucas. Stitch jumped out to a commanding 5-0 lead and felt so confident that they had their own ‘we are the champions’ chant going from the dugout. Not a team to roll over and die, Lucas fought back and scored 3, gave up one more, and then tied it at 6 apiece. Stitch was able to punch one more run across to make it 7-6 going into the top of the 6th. Lucas was unable to get another rally going, and the game was over.

Despite quivering chins and watery eyes, the team was able to take solace in the fact that they had held Stitch to 6 or fewer runs in a playoff series that had their opponent scoring double-digits against other playoff opponents. Not to mention scaring the bejeezus out of a team that must have been favored to win, considering their regular season record.

Both teams were awarded trophies in postgame ceremonies.               

A hearty ‘Good Job’ to all the Lucas players for a very satisfying season. A ‘Good Luck’ for the four 12-year olds that will be advancing to ‘F’ league next year:

Alec Schmidt

Alec Schmidt

Antonio Melendez

Antonio Melendez

Mark Krasienko

Kristen Teleha

Kristen Teleha

Thanks for a great year, Team!!

And an extra ‘Thanks’ (Hey, it’s MY blog!) to my daughter, for making me a very proud Dad this season.


3 thoughts on “There Is No Joy In Mudville….

  1. “Despite quivering chins and watery eyes,”
    You know you and Tony realy need to stop being so emotional BIG 🙂
    and “well played to the team” sounds like they “played with heart” and that in itself makes champions!!!! Well Done!!! Loraine whose chin(s) have quivered from time to time

  2. Great job! I watched you play and you are a TEAM, that in itself is a great life lesson. Keep up the good work in all you do!

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