AT&T Drops A Customer

Remember my Time Warner rant? I talked to someone on the phone at Time Warner who offered me certain cable services, only to get to the local office, and be told that what I was looking for was impossible to deliver?

Would you believe me if I told you that it happened again? This time with my cell phone service provider.

Three-plus odd months ago, my daughter accidentally dropped her Razr phone, and cracked the hinge. The phone still worked, and my wife was able to superglue the frame together so that the hinge functioned again. No issues with the phone whatsoever.

So, on the way home from work the other night, I called and talked to her on her phone, told her I had to stop somewhere on the way home, and I’d be there shortly. 35 minutes later I get in, and she tells me her phone’s not working correctly. The keypad lights up when she opens it, but the screen is black.

Well, it just so happens the SAME THING happened with my wife’s phone (except she didn’t drop hers). She contacted Motorola, who told her that they’ve had it happen with other phones, and they FedExed one out within two days. So, I contact Motorola and they tell me two weeks to send it to a repair center in Texas (since I was honest about the phone being dropped). Or I can contact AT&T and see what they have to say.

A phone call beats the snot out of 2 weeks, so I punch in the numbers. I explain the situation to the rep, and while I’m doing this, I’m looking for a Device Support Center. It just so happens that AT&T has a one in Mayfield Heights. I tell him everything and he asks if I’m close to a Device Center. I tell him I am and he says to take the phone in, and they can check out the phone and see if the screen malfunction is due to the drop. If it is, I’m on the hook for the price of the phone. If not, they’ll replace it.


So, I’m not terribly excited about this because I have to work my 12-hour shift, and then drive to Mayfield Heights, roughly an hour away. But if I can get a phone for my daughter to use, it’ll be worth it. 

I get out of work and high-tail it out there.  I make record time (we won’t discuss the details) out there, and I sign my name to the clipboard. Two folks ahead of me. 10 minutes later I get called up. I give Daneesia? my license and the phone number of my daughter’s phone, and my daughter’s name. I also tell her what happened with the phone. I hand her the phone and she sees the crack at the hinge. She then tells me there’s nothing they can do for me as the crack at the hinge voids the warranty. I said, The rep told me you could check the screen and see if the malfunction is due to the drop. ‘Well, I don’t know why he told you that, because we can’t.’ That’s what he told me on the phone!! She pulls up the documentation of our chat the night before, and all it documents is that I’m going to take the phone to the Center and that the screen was malfunctioning. The log takes up as much space as my 4th paragraph.

So there’s nothing you can do?!

Nope, I don’t know why he told you that.

So I drove an hour in from Lorain for nothing?!

I don’t know why he told you that.

Thanks, someone’s going to hear about this.

So, AT&T, after 8 years of service, whether intentionally or not, you’ve kicked me to the curb. And I’ll not return when this contract is done. I made certain with the rep that the Center would be able to do something, and he insisted they’d be able to check the screen for the source of the malfunction. 

‘We can’t do that. I don’t know why he told you that.’

The company with the least dropped calls, just dropped an 8-year customer. Two-and-a-half hours of driving and waiting for a 5-minute denial.

Thanks AT&T.

They say bad news travels farther than good news does. I just hope this news travels farther than I did out to Mayfield Heights and back.


5 thoughts on “AT&T Drops A Customer

  1. Gee it sounds like the reason I don’t buy Buicks anymore! When my last buick blew an engine ( a known casting defect ..and an easily replaceable oil pump) and buick would not make it good they lost a customer(s) think they care ????

  2. Sorry to hear about your problem. Sounds familiar (not with AT7T though). I believe that customer service is going to become an oxymoron soon.

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