Wellington Balloonfest

Yes, you read that right.

Wellington had a Balloonfest last night, sponsored by the Wellington Chamber of Commerce and the Lorain County Office on Aging Southern Satellite Office. If you remember (or were around here) when I posted this and this. I had contacted Ted Kalo, Lorain County Commissioner, about seeing what it would take for Lorain to do something like this. Ted was there last night, he even sponsored one of the balloons and got to ride in it!! (Pictures from Ted are forthcoming.)

While I was unfortunate enough to miss out on part of it, I did get some pictures, and when and if I get permission, another photographer friend got some shots of the ‘glow’ afterward, where they light up the balloons after dark. (If you follow the second link above, there are three videos of the Akron glow.)

More details later!!


3 thoughts on “Wellington Balloonfest

  1. Got an email from Ted Kalo (I’d traded emails with him about this last year) and there was a notice on the Wellington website.

    I’ve had my eyes open for these since I dragged my family to one last year. Now they want me to drag’em again!!

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