Lucas Defeats Nickoloff

Lucas beat Nickoloff in an exciting game!

Player of the Game honors go to:


 Kristen Teleha

Kristen went 3-fer-3, with two singles, a double and 4 RBI’s in Lucas’ 9-6 win over Nickoloff. (I’m one smilin’ Dad right now!!) She was given the game ball by the umpire.

Honorable Mention goes to


Mark Krasienko

Mark got the win by pitching two innings of shut-out ball, retiring 6 straight batters on 14 pitches.

Way to go, Team!

Good Luck Thursday against Bodnar!


2 thoughts on “Lucas Defeats Nickoloff

  1. Thanks, Brian!

    They are great kids, and they’ve done fantastic grade-wise this year in a new school.

    Mike’s doing well with his new team, as he’s playing F League ball this year. Definitely keeps my parents, my wife and I busy trying to make all of their games. But we enjoy it, and so do they.

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