Introducing – LYB’s Major League ‘Lucas Plumbing’ Team

I’d like to introduce this year’s Lorain Youth Baseball Major League ‘Lucas Plumbing’ Team.


                            Luke Krasienko

Malik Anderson – #1                                                           Luke Krasienko – #2


Mark Krasienko – #4                                                         Anthony Riccardi – #5


Logan Medina – #6                                                            Tristan Barnes – #7


Ricardo Marrero – #8                                                        Antonio Melendez – #9


Alex Pigman – #10                                                             Alec Schmidt – #11


Billy Quillen – #12                                                             Kristen Teleha – #13

Marrero pitching, Schmidt at 1st

Luke Krasienko pitching, Alec Schmidt at 1st

Kristen Teleha batting

Antonio Melendez at 3rd, Luke Krasienko at shortstop


I’ll be featuring ‘Player of the Game’ honors throughout the season, as well as covering the progress of the team.

And to my ‘new friend, Chuck’: We need to talk.


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