Black River Steel Mill Trail

When the Bridgeway Trail opened in 1993 connecting Elyria and Lorain, the Metro Parks had a vision of extending the trail further north. This will become a reality, as the Bridgeway Trail extension through the Steel Mill will open on May 10, 2008

The trail connects to the Bridgeway Trail at Days Dam Picnic Area on East 31st in Lorain and continues north through the slag fields of the U.S. Steel Mill to Colorado Ave in Lorain. The trail is about 2 miles long and crosses the Black River and French Creek with bridges that are 40 feet above the water.

Observation Deck/Rest area

View of the Steel Mill from the Trail

Bridge Over the Black River

Bikers on the Trail


A Young Boy Out Walking His Parents

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7 thoughts on “Black River Steel Mill Trail

  1. Thanks.

    I think.

    Um, don’t take this personally, but I’ll suit myself up.

    And you are NOT listed as a beneficiary on my life insurance policy.

    Let’s just get that straight, right now.

  2. Go ahead and suit up Henrey…

    I’ll just tie the other end of the bunji cord to this big ol rock over here.

    Let’s see, bridge is about fifty feet up in the air, the cord is forty eight.

    Any time you’re ready!!!!

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