Nativity BVM

I’ve been on this Church and stained glass window kick for a while now. Thanks to a number of comments about how beautiful Nativity BVM on 15th St was, I made arrangements with Father Glepko and dropped by one afternoon. I was blown away. Hope you are, too.

Nativity Church

View from the Choir Loft



History of the Nativity of BVM Parish

Beginning in 1895, large numbers of Polish immigrants began to settle in Lorain, where they found employment on the docks and in the steel mills. They attended services at St. Mary’s Church but desired a pastor who could speak their own language. The pastor of St. Mary’s, Rev. Joseph Eyler, petitioned Bishop Ignatius Horstmann on their behalf for a priest conversant in Polish and the establishment of their own parish. However it was not until January 11, 1898, that the bishop was able to send Fr. Adolph Swierczynski to serve as the resident pastor for the Poles. Fr. Swierczynski also had charge over the Polish mission at Grafton, Assumption B.V.M., where he held services on the alternate Sundays that he was not in Lorain. The first Mass by the new pastor was said January 16, 1898. More here….

And more Nativity pictures here.


7 thoughts on “Nativity BVM

  1. thank you for that
    It is truely a beautiful church. I don’t know who did the windows but they are well done and the glass is fantastic.

  2. Henery,
    These are great photos. I am a member at Nativity and attend Mass there every week but never really appreciated just how beautiful it really is.

  3. Amazing photos – I’d love to know how you get such great color and light when shooting stained glass windows – I’m a big fan of the beautiful sacred landmarks we have in the area but your photos always capture them so well. It’s a shame that the clustering of the Catholic churches in the Cleveland diocese will result in the closing of some of these great ethnic and inner-city parishes. Get those pictures while you can!

  4. Thanks Bill. A little bit of tweaking to get the right exposure. With Nativity, they were kind enough to turn me loose, and I had over 90 minutes to shoot.

    I’ve got St. Stan’s site open in another window, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with the altar and the glass behind it looks incredible! I have to go now, thank you very much!!

    What frustrates me, and I’ve seen it at the Old Stone Church, at Nativity, and I can see it in the picture of St. Stan’s altar, is there is something that has been built that obstructs the view of the stained glass windows, and though I’m sure there was a reason for it, it’s a shame to block something as beautiful as these windows.

    Cross your fingers, I’m going to see if they’ll let me shoot their Church.

    Thank you very much for that link, Bill. And if I can shoot it, I owe you a beer.

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