How Was YOUR Saturday Night??


12 thoughts on “How Was YOUR Saturday Night??

  1. So Henery I understand that “that woman’s mum” was very entertaining on Saturday .there will be a charge “entertainment fee” if you will since I hear that the 89 year old showed you “young folks” how to parteeeeeeeeeeeee still the brits always did have to show the Yanks the way BIG 🙂 look forward to receiving the “rest of the photos” tch tch what happens when the daughter is down with a migraine and can’t keep an eye out … is it any wonder I turned out the way I did …. Loraine

  2. Yes she was quite the belle of the ball .standing ovation I hear when she left the establishment ……….. how am I going to keep her down in the hood now that she has seen the winereeeeeeeeeeee Kelly I will send you some of the photos not fit for print tch tch tch

  3. wow. fjksdg. dshglwout. That’s some profound observations. Are you a product of Lorain public or private schools? (oh wait I am too)

  4. ….”oxtwfk jsxvkz nlve…” post

    I had a great time Saturday nite.

    I would hope more people would get out from behind their computers /or quit sitting at home and be a part of Lorain instead of ripping it apart.

    I have been advised that this commentary is nonproductive. Please contact me in person to continue this discussion.

  5. Unfortunately, what the two of you saw was my spam filter blowing a gasket, and letting that get through. It’s been leaking through the past few days. You caught it before I did.

    Paula, who advised you of the nonproductivity of this commentary? I’m curious.

  6. Actually it was probably my mum come to think of it she was hitting the Pimms No 1 and loves to draw attention to herself( as has been documented tch tch tch and this post has been buried for awhile she probably wanted more attention 🙂

    my mum the lurker ya think?? Who knows the shadow knows…..OK! OK! MY anniversary I have had a couple of Pimms No 1’s myself tonight …. the drink of sophisticates the world over 🙂 Loraine

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