Let’s Go For 3-fer-3

Whether or not I had a hand in the last two publicized demolitions in the city could be argued by some. For this article, I’m gonna puff my chest out and say, ‘Yea, I made it happen!’

I had help though, besides the folks that actually brought the house down and made the arrangements for it.

Brian Hazelett brought 1444 Broadway to my attention, as he couldn’t believe it was still standing. Being the guy with the camera, I shot it and wrote it up.

1444 looked like this a few short weeks ago:

and now it looks like this:

1444/1442 Broadway today


Brian also called me last year and told me about the Anchor Realty building, upset that it was the first thing people saw as they crossed into the City.  That got the same treatment, by myself AND the City. See?:

Then this:

So, this one came up in a few conversations a long time ago. Scott and Michele brought it up. Brian talked about it, too. I even featured it on WoM at one point.

So, I found myself driving by it Monday morning, without even planning on it. It was just around the corner, and I thought, what the heck.

In an email discussing this property last September, I received the following from Bill Desvari:

1401 W. 19th Street: Foreclosure sale date is 9/12/07 if it sells we will site(sic) owner. If it does not it will be resold at later date if no sale turned over to State

According to the Auditor’s site, the Mail Information says Forfeit to State of Ohio. The property taxes  due are over $8,000.  One can usually find one of the doors open, and on Oct. 31st, of 2006, there was a ‘Condemned’ sticker on the front door. I don’t think anything has changed to warrant the removal of the sticker, but it’s gone.

A few other reasons that this should be torn down include the house next door:

and a few more right down the street:

These three are right next to one another. The left two appear to be new Infill Housing.

When contacted about this property, which is located in his neighborhood, WoM creator Scott Bakalar had this to say:

The house has been a source of contention for Mich and I for many years now.

We have been after the LPD, the Housing Department, our CRO’s, the Health Department for years to try and get the house boarded up – if not torn down altogether. Absolutely no action has ever been taken on that house to the best of our knowledge.
In the last 2 years 2 murders have taken place within 100 feet of that structure.
It is open, unsafe and a disaster waiting to happen. We have learned that it is now owned by the state of Ohio through HUD.
What’s very interesting is that right next door to this monstrosity is a beautiful new In-fill home.

Now that’s great City planning.

So, whatta ya say, City Hall and Building Department? Any chance we can get this torn down? I’m betting that the neighbors would be really happy. This is as dangerous as 1444 Broadway. Even moreso because you cannot see inside, and God only knows what has happened within those walls.

As an added bonus, I’ll even share the credit with ya.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Go For 3-fer-3

  1. Felt guilty about using the old demo photo for the Anchor Realty building.
    Here’s one from this morning (from pretty much the same spot I took the ‘overgrown weeds’ shot:

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