(I remember Scott at WoM doing a post like this, so hopefully, he won’t mind the similarity.  -hh)

I’d like to apologize to any and everyone that tried to get here over the weekend and most of the day Monday. I logged in (‘scuse me, tried to log in) Saturday night late, but the page didn’t come up. This had never happened before, so, rather than start to mess with it at 1:30 in the morning, I went to bed. Didn’t want to get worked up about something and then try to sleep, it just doesn’t work well.

Sunday dawned, I slept in. Got up, check my usual rounds of emails and blogs and again, couldn’t get mine to come up. Pulled up the midphase site, and found this:

esc65.midphase.com – unexpected downtime
By Matt Wolff | April 11, 2008

We have currently found an issue with this server, we are working to resolve this now. We do not have an exact ETA for resolution. This post will be updated shortly with further details. Thank you for your continued patience.


The server is undergoing a FSCK and we are expecting it to finish it within a few hours. We will post regular updates regarding this here.

Update:: 12:21 PM CST:: The machine is back online. We were able to repair most of the corruption that occurred from the FSCK, however there are a few items left to clean up. Mail and web services should be functioning as normal, and we expect any other issues to be corrected shortly. -CM

Great, I thought. We had to go through this at WoM a while back, and there were issues. Just so happens that it was almost a year ago that WoM dealt with this.

Fine, no biggy. But later, there was this:

ESC111 connectivity issues
By Sebastian Ostrowski | April 13, 2008

Some of our customers have been experiencing problems connecting to esc111. We have identified the problem and expect to have it fixed within a few hours.

::UPDATE 4:50pm CST :: Our upstream provider is still working on resolving this issue, we have an open ticket with them and as soon as we have any updates as far as an ETA we will post another update. Once again we do apologize for the problems this is causing and we are working as fast as possible to resolve this issue.

::UPDATE 10:35AM CST:: We do not have any new information regarding this outage at this time, but we expect to have more information available within the next two hours.

Well, nuts! What am I gonna do? Well, what exactly CAN I do besides nothing? Nothing. So, I go on with other responsibilities.

Monday dawns. Still nothing, and an email from someone who posts regularly asking, “Is the Blog Busted?”

I go back to midphase’s site, and still the same Sunday morning message. I start trading emails with the tech support, and Dimitry tells me he can see my site just fine.

Well, *%$#! What am I gonna do now? I didn’t screw this up. They did! I go and try to pull it up in my browser.

Nothin’. From my admin login.

Nothin’. From WoM’s link.

Nothin’. From Loraine’s site.

Still. Freakin’. Nothin’.

God Bless America!

I email Dimitry and write, I got nothin’.

So he writes me back and asks me to send him what I get when I can’t get what I want to get. And I do. So THEN he sends me the first notice that I have printed above! I write him and say, yes, I’m aware of that  because it’s dated yesterday. Still the same problems? Yes, he replies. OK, Thanks!!

I get some stuff fixed up and organized around the house, and then go get the kids from school.

I take my daughter to her violin lesson, come back and grill burgers for dinner, and then check my laptop before doing the dishes.

Voila!! I’m live again. How about dat chit?!

So, folks, sorry so much about being unavailable, but there wasn’t anything I could do. I will have something new tomorrow.

But for the record, from WoM, which Scott grabbed from Wikipedia a little over a year ago, so everyone can see what FSCK is:

The system utility fsck (for “file system check” or “file system consistency check”) is a tool for checking the consistency of a file system in the Unix system and clones thereof.

Like many computer jargon terms without vowels, fsck is essentially unpronounceable and so people are forced to improvise when speaking it aloud. It can be pronounced “F-S-C-K,” “F-S-check,” “fisk,” “fizik,” “fuss-uck,” “fizz-uck,” “fozz-uck,” “F-sick,” “F-sock,” “F-suck”

When one is told “Go fsck yourself!” the meaning implied is to “go away, analyze yourself, and fix your problems”, mirroring fsck’s primary function

Now ya know.


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