Sometimes the Work Pays Off

Thanks to Loraine and Paula for bringing it to my attention, it seems a project I started over a year ago is finally paying off. I did a series called “Fame It – Shame It” that spotlighted homes and businesses that needed attention, both good and bad. One of those buildings was 1444 Broadway. What did it look like? Here are my pics:

1444 Broadway









Loraine sent me this link this morning to the story on the Chronicle’s website. Check this out!

That’s great! I was really worried that someone would end up getting hurt in this building, too. Glad to see I was wrong. I will do my dangedest to be down there Friday to get some pics, and if I’m lucky, even some video!!

And even though he’s being pilloried in the press, some credit does go to Bill Desvari for getting the ball rolling on this. He had been in contact with the original owner, and then when he started paperwork, the property was sold. One of our last email exchanges included comments from him stating that they were working with the new owner on getting this razed, as the owner wanted it taken down, too.

So, there ya go, folks. Things do get done in this city, it just takes some time, and some patience.

And knowing whom to contact helps a little, too.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes the Work Pays Off

  1. That’s wonderful to hear. What’s going to happen to all those bricks? I’d think someone could make some money selling the ones that don’t get broken.

  2. Alan enjoyed your links , there is certainly more to Lorain than those of us who “live” here 🙂 and read a couple more of your posts I would like the link that you mentioned showing photos? thanks Loraine

  3. I know from whence you speak- unfortunately I believe that we tread tight rope of sorts when speaking about experiences with things “not tangible” shall we say…as humans we are concerned people will think us nuts, or we may think we are nuts:) try to explain things logically and then we are also concerned about ridicule and the angst it causes……

    Funny though – the religious community ( 90 percent of all religions have an after life) believes in the after life—- what happens after the body dies……. they pray to Saints – martyrs – spirits etc no matter the religion … yet say IF you have heard or seen or even photographed such events … the same people try their very best to negate the happening. I don’t know maybe there is a fear that what they believe might not be correct….. I am not sure … I do know that the kind of negativity you faced is the norm… Oh I know there are people who “prey” on those bereaved and fakes…… big money in it but…….. there are stranger things that happen here on earth and in Lorain 🙂 and that is all I am going to say…. .if you ever find the photos etc. I would love to see them and I promise a “very open mind” 🙂 I enjoyed reading your experiences

    1. LORAINE- as a Fundamentalist Christian, I certainly believe in the unseen, as the Sc riptures are quite plain about its existence. At the time of these occurrences, I wasn’t certain of the origins of the phenomena, whereas now, I believe that most of these things are demonic, meant to confuse and delude people from the Truth.

      If you’ve read the comments on the accounts I’ve published on, you know what I mean.

      I may also be reached at

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