That Buzzing Noise Is Just Feagler

Last year, I took issue with the PD’s Dick Feagler because he dissed us bloggers. Yesterday, he took issue with a one-word answer that Dick Cheney gave an interviewer when he was told that almost 80% of Americans are against the war in Iraq. Cheney’s response? “So?”

Feagler goes on to cite all of the info that is now obvious since the U.S. has been in Iraq, that may not have been so obvious or apparent BEFORE our military went in to remove Saddam. After each citation, he repeats Cheney’s “So?”

I’m not sure what Feagler was looking for from Cheney. Did he expect the Vice-President to jump up out of his chair in shock, and declare, “Holy $hit! 80%? We gotta bring our men and women home right this minute!!” Did he expect Cheney to repeat the data that caused us to deploy forces in that Middle East country?

Seriously, since when did the United States government operate foreign policy based solely on what the American public wanted or disliked? Especially since the public is not privy to the intelligence that our government acquires.

I’m well aware that the war in Iraq is very unpopular with the American public. But what’s done is done, and there’s obviously no going back.  If we bail now, we will have to go back, undoubtedly, to straighten out an even bigger mess. I also realize that my discussing this is bound to outrage some folks, and I can deal with that. But the Iraq War is NOT what this post is about.

Feagler, who I almost used to enjoy reading, has now passed sarcasm and satire and gone completely into just being a nagging monotone buzz that one just can’t seem to make go away.  The questions he poses, that he wonders if Cheney’s answer remains the same, are ridiculous, and go beyond witty or creative. After the first few lines, they are just downright monotonous.

But Feagler has to admit one thing: The two-letter answer that Cheney gave the interviewer are two letters MORE than the answer I got when I wrote Feagler.

And to that, I’d be willing to bet, his answer, undoubtedly, is “So?!”


3 thoughts on “That Buzzing Noise Is Just Feagler

  1. Feagler and others seem to forget the USA isn’t “alone” in Iraq and other countries considerations also have to be part of the equation ….after all they were “asked” to come and join the US in the beginning…..there is so much more to this than bringing the boys home as much as we all want out sons and daughters to be out of harms way…… just my two cents Loraine

  2. What’s so sad about Feagler is that he adopts the pose that he expects Cheney to be something other than the pathetic, arrogant asswipe he’s proven himself to be over time.

    After a while, you don’t waste breath commenting on jerkdom (applies to either Cheney or Feagler, I guess.) You just ignore it. Some things aren’t fixable.

    Especially journalistic posing when it’s a slow day for ideas.

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