Winter Dunes

 Hello everyone. My name is Victoria. I’ve been in Lorain for 5 years, having moved here from Orlando, Florida. (Don’t ask!) I’ve decided to cure my homesickness by learning as much as I can about my new home. I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than by pulling out my camera (except maybe occasionally pulling up a barstool at Kennedys)! 

After a hard day of shoveling I was bemoaning my fate (which was having relocated to a seemingly frozen Hell from oh so sunny Orlando). I decided to take a walk to loosen up and literally stumbled (slipped on the ice was more like it) upon this breathtaking scene from 2nd Street.

Winter Dunes

Lorain Lighthouse

Walking on Water


12 thoughts on “Winter Dunes

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. Paula, driving men nuts is my specialty(or so I’ve been told). I’m headed to your site right now. Can’t wait!

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