My First Sunset of ’08

Working 12-hour shifts, I haven’t been able to shoot a sunset since last fall. And on my days off, there’s something about leaving a warm house to go stand out in the cold that just doesn’t seem all that attractive. So, I was pretty tickled to get out of work tonight and still see the sun high enough in the sky that I knew I could make it back to Lorain before it hit the horizon.

So, I made it down to the Jackalope, drove behind it and walked out to Mile Long Pier.

Something about seeing the beauty of a sunset, and everything around it, that chases the cold away.


7 thoughts on “My First Sunset of ’08

  1. Nope, they’re here to stay. Been doin’em for the last 8+years. Long days, but gives me lots of off-time with my kids. Just the winter stinks because I go to work in the dark, and come home in the dark.

  2. Consider it yours!

    I was really happy that one came out as clear as it did. Try pushing buttons on a camera with your fingers crossed. It’s not that easy!!

  3. How about your fingers frozen? That’s a toughy. And your body shaking from the freezing cold wind….
    Can’t wait to take sunset pictures in 75* weather with a cold drink in hand instead of a cold hand.

  4. These photos are beautiful, I was hoping to find a picture of the sunset on 04-05-08 it was stunning and I did not have my camera with me. It always happens that way.
    Great job.

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