While Everyone Was Snuggling In….

I had to get outside and get more pictures. I know, I’m nuts. Kids are off school. Wife is off school. I just got home from work, doing the night shift. And instead of burying myself in the blankets and getting some much needed ZZZZZZ’s, I’m outside, getting pictures of snow. One of my contacts at Flickr, he goes by the pseudonym “kuddlyteddybear2004” was right in one of his comments on a recent picture. He said, “Snow and pine trees always go well together.” Ya know, he’s right. Stay warm, and I hope you enjoy!


This one’s weird because the camera was still foggy from being cold and then being in the warm truck, and I used the flash to try to get this tree in the dark.

Oddly, there are strange marks like this one ALL OVER my yard now. What the heck?!


5 thoughts on “While Everyone Was Snuggling In….

  1. I always think that Mother Nature has just iced the trees with wonderful vanilla icing when I see mornings like these……

    I’m sure Frank was thinking something else as he was shoveling the “stuff” 😉

  2. I think I know what Frank was thinking…

    I did my driveway, and then my folks as they were both getting over the flu.

    “Stuff” is a very nice word compared to….

  3. Bring yourself and your camera over to Lyndhurst and see the legions of people clearing their driveways and sidewalks. No matter how “pretty” the snow is; to me I get heart palpitations whenever my husband goes out to clear off our driveway with the shovel and snowblower because he is getting to the age where he shouldn’t be doing it anymore. Snow is pretty but presents dangers in many ways and that we should not forget. It is best left to those who can enjoy the photographs from afar!

  4. Used to have relatives over in that neighborhood, Linda. In-laws, to be more specific.

    Yes, I would hope, that no matter how beautiful everything looks with a layer of the white stuff (except driveways and sidewalks), those that have to shovel it or drive in it would exercise some caution. None of us is as young or as indestructible as we’d like to think. Nor

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