The Chair Hopes for a Free Lunch…or Good News…Or Both?

Anticipating a line for lunch, the Chair showed up early at DeLuca’s Place in the Park, for Mayor Anthony Krasienko’s first State of the City Address.  Sponsored by the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce, the lunch starts at noon on Thursday, February 21st.  Cost is $20 per person.

The Chair at DeLuca's


4 thoughts on “The Chair Hopes for a Free Lunch…or Good News…Or Both?

  1. Lunar Eclipses History:
    When the moon disappeared in 413 B.C., Athenians saw it as a bad omen and delayed their planned retreat from the Sicilian city of Syracuse, where they had fought for two years in the Peloponnesian War.

    The Syracusans used the delay as an opportunity to break the siege, contributing — some believe — to the fall of Greek civilization.

    Christopher Columbus actually used an eclipse knowingly to perhaps alter history.

    Stranded in Jamaica in 1504, on his fourth voyage, Columbus and his crew were wearing out their welcome with the natives, who were feeding them. Columbus knew a lunar eclipse was coming, so he “predicted” the moon’s disappearance. The natives begged him to bring it back and, of course, he did, in due time.

    Maybe this is our chance Lorain….

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