Hey, Honey! Let’s Ride the Train into Cleveland for Dinner!

How’s that again?!

Yes, you read that right. If a local grass-roots effort can drum up the support and get the word out to the people on the benefits of funding a rail line through the city, we could be taking the rapid into Cleveland for dinner and a Tribe game, or avoiding traffic to and from a Brown’s game, within a few short years.

Introduced by Gary Fischer, Dennis Lamont of North Ohio Commuter Rail Coalition (NOCRC) talked about the proposed line. It would run as far west as Vermilion, with a stop at Rt. 60 on Rt. 6. A stop on Baumhart Road, with shuttle service to the Ford Plant and Quarry Development, a potential stop at Leavitt and W. 21st St., and a stop at the underpass on Broadway, with a secondary terminal at the Depot at Black River Landing.

The line would go into Cleveland with a stop at 98th St., and then continue to the Amtrak station or Tower City.

Renee Dore gave the group a little flash of history and something to think about when she reminded those present that a rail line through Lorain saved the city over 100 years ago. Wouldn’t it be great if the rail line could do it again? A rail line could take people into Cleveland, opening up job opportunities, as well as bring people here for restaurants and retail and our waterfront development.

Like the way that sounds? I’ll have more details on this for you soon, but in the meantime, you can go to http://www.cfte.org/ and check it out, or to get involved or for more answers to specific questions, you can email jjordan@cfte.org.


4 thoughts on “Hey, Honey! Let’s Ride the Train into Cleveland for Dinner!

  1. Hi Heneery thought I saw the back of your head in the audience 🙂 It was very interesting and as a kiddie we used to go train spotting . My cousins when they were over from England , I apologized if the “train whistle” woke them up and they said “Oh it is fantastic- the sound of America”

  2. Thanks for taking the time to attend and contribute! For the first time since this project started communities along the entire corridor are behind it and working together can make it happen.

    Rene mentioned the impact that the Cleveland Lorain & Wheeling had in bring life back to the area in the 1870s and I would like to add that the coming of Tom Johnson and his streetcar rail steel plant carved out the waterfront and river front that we know today. Steel wheels on steel rails have meant a lot to the development of this city and it is fitting that they help it into the furure.


  3. Yea, that was me, Loraine. (Big smile)

    Thanks for stopping by, Dennis. Last year I was shooting downtown for a few articles, and I was stopped by a gentleman that remembered Lorain’s downtown when it was thumpin;, and wished for it to be that way again. He hoped to see rail service before he passed away, but doubted he would. He wasn’t that old, either, so I’m really hoping he (and everyone else involved) gets his wish.

    I hope that even the planning and organization of the effort to bring rail service downtown sparks some initiative to the vacant businesses on Broadway and the side streets. Could you imagine stepping off the train from Cleveland and seeing downtown restored and busy, like it was YEARS ago? It’d be like taking a time machine back into history.

    There’s a dream I’d like to see fulfilled.

  4. Part of the Continuing Destruction of Lorain and Vicinity.
    It is interesting to note that although the system has not been designed yet, the “ex-spurts” of Lorain already know it costs too much and that the Lorain County Commissioners are going to put a 1/2 percent sale tax increase on the ballot to pay for it.

    1. We are in the process of raising funds to be able to develop a Business Plan. The business plan will lay out the different operating choices and their costs. Our representatives at the state and federal levels are assisting the business community in this effort. Until this is done, any cost numbers are fictional.

    2. I guess the “ex-spurts” don’t give the Lorain County Commissioners or the people working this proposal very much credit. Do you really think we are that stupid ??? There have been at least six different ways of funding these projects in the past (if the “ex-spurts”) had been at my presentations they would have seen examples of each). In addition to past funding methods there are new “creative funding” methods to finance the project including depreciation sales, carbon credit sales and economic benefit paybacks.

    3. The Commuter Rail Project is sponsored by the Lorain Port Authority as part of a long term commitment to Lorain. There has never been a higher level of cooperation between the entities involved, including the communities along the corridor, the business community, Norfolk Southern, GCRTA, and ORDC. Our public meetings have been well attended and will continue at an expanded level once we get some more valid information.

    4.To the “ex-spurts”. When we get the facts and real data together base your case on that and lets have a wide open public debate on the issue. I would really like to know why you think northeastern Ohio does not need transportation choices.

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