Playin’ and Learnin’

I’ve got a little more time to work on tweekin’ photos of late. Thought I’d share a few, and say, “Stay warm today, as we’re supposed to get a LOT of snow.”

Frank Sipkovsky and David Stacko

Lighthouse Reflection

Andrea and Gary Fischer


 No tweeks to this, though. This is straight from the camera.

And this one because a very good friend likes it. She knows who she is.


6 thoughts on “Playin’ and Learnin’

  1. Great work. I especially like the Ligthouse at night but I guess I should also comment on the one with the handsome trolley conductor. The Bicentennial Celebration was a great community event.

  2. It really was …wasn’t it Carolyn, such a lot of work but everyone involved stepped up to the plate ….and of course the handsome trolley conductor and his wife were two of the “high steppers” 🙂

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