Just a Little Bit More Water And…

In all the times I’ve been to Cascade Park in Elyria, the falls and the river have been peaceful, kinda quiet. Standing down there, shooting the scenes, the sound of the water bubbling over the rocks, falling from the river above, you just want to sit down at the base of a tree, lean back, pull your cap down over your face and close your eyes.

Cascade Falls - East


Ahhh, the magic of Mother Nature, you know?

Well, you add just a little bit more water, and suddenly, She’s not all that sweet!

Raging Cascade Falls

And the scene below, just under the bridge, is where I shot the peaceful river shot above.

Raging<br>  River

The structure, or part of one, below is what is left of a building that used to produce electricity using the river’s flow. Over the years, it’s been abandoned and begun to fall apart. It’s still structurally sound enough to walk around in, and take pictures. Well, if you look close, the building is flooded.





And the West Falls, too:


4 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit More Water And…

  1. ……..what you Brits refer to as “a spot of rain”, we here in Lorain sometimes call “a hundred year rain” 🙂

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