Hell Is Other People – Part I

Loraine Ritchey, of That Woman’s Weblog, has an article I think you should see:

Lorain looks to  expand  her older neighborhoods and bring in people into  her declining neighborhoods but HOW and WHO is filling those empty  streets? Knowledge, in this case, is power, the power of awareness raised!


2 thoughts on “Hell Is Other People – Part I

  1. Thanks for the lead in Henery and I look forward to reading the “rest of the story” tomorrow here ….thank you so much for all your help and research…..if we can just raise awareness that will,in my opinion, help Loraine

  2. No doubt, and thanks for Part I. If it keeps one more kid from being attacked, if it moves one RSO out of the perimeter of a school, it will be well worth it.

    Still haven’t heard back from Tony or the Chief….

    Ooops, no teasers.

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