Mill Hollow in the Winter

Mill Hollow in the summertime is a photographer’s dream. Teeming with wildlife, large leafy trees, wildflowers, and a flowing river and cliffs, you could shoot until your batteries run down.

Ever been by there in the winter? I know, the trees are bare, the pond frozen over, and most critters are hibernating. The geese have flown and the flowers are getting ready for spring. 

You have got to see the cliffs. During the summer, an underground spring or stream passes close to the cliffs where North Ridge Road T’s into the Metro Park, and the water bleeds down the face of the cliffs. In the winter, the water bleeds down but if it gets cold enough, the water freezes, and that is a sight to see.

My daughter and I were by there recently for the Winter Days Festival, and she got to see the cliffs for the first time, in person. Hope you enjoy even half as much as she did. 


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